Newsletter of The Ocean State BMW Riders        Volume 14, Issue 7
BMWMOA Chapter #240  1993  -  2014                 BMWRA  Chapter #201

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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7604
Warwick, RI 02887




Next Meeting


July 14, 2014

 7:00 PM
Richards Pub
3347 S. County Trail
E. Greenwich, RI

 Tuesday Breakfast
8:00 AM

Two Gulls




July - Nothing like a grilled hamburger!

Razee Open House!

Club Events

July 14, 2014:  OSBMWR Meeting
Find out what happening.  Harry  has a group ride planned. A back road trek to the OSHD Hogs & Hot Rod Event.

OSBMWR Breakfast: Two Gulls
We staying for another month.-  No Mr. Breakfast Rating

Club FaceBook :
 Use  the FaceBook to find out  what Roy has planned.  FaceBook sign in is required. Moderator is Roy Jackson.

Club Calendar :
Club and Member posting of local events. Yes! you can post to.
For current  information and Monthly events,  Use the Event Page  First 

New Ocean State BMW Riders Store Coming SOON!
Special thanks to Roy Jackson for many dedicated years managing the club store.

It is my hope that the new store (currently under construction) will allow you to pre-order products and also see the existing inventory of many products from the past that are still available. You will be able to shop securely with your credit card or PayPal account from home and get delivery of your products at a monthly meeting, or via the USPS at your home or PO. Box. You will also be able to ship products to friends and other riders anywhere in the United States (and maybe even Canada).

Also, in the coming months, we hope to be able to offer "customization" so you can get a shirt in a color you want and add your name, nick name (or whatever) to your purchase (where applicable). Stay tuned for more updates.

To say the least I am delighted to be able to serve the membership in this way, and hope to make the Club Store easy to use and accessible to all.

Joe Tatulli, OSBMWR Club Store Manger