Newsletter of The Ocean State BMW Riders        Volume 16, Issue 8
BMWMOA Chapter #240  1993  -  2016                 BMWRA  Chapter #201

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P.O. Box 7604
Warwick, RI 02887



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Next Meeting

August 8, 2016
 7:00 PM
Richards Pub
3347 S. County Trail
E. Greenwich, RI

 Tuesday Breakfast
8:00 AM

 Jim's Dock Restaurant
1175 Succotash Rd,
Wakefield, RI 02879


High Mileage Award 
Presented at our Tuesday Breakfast
Community Tent Included

Club Events

August 8, 2016:
This OSBMWR Meeting is a place to make new friendships.  It's the start of our riding season. Join us to find out what is happening and how we can make your riding season better.   Check out Rally Information for future Rallies. See Classifieds for used bikes (3).

 September 16-18, 2016:  Gathering Of The Clams
hosted by the
Ocean State BMW Riders  ( US )
Our good friends in Rhode Island are hosting their annual Clambake and Campout! Click here for more information

OSBMWR Breakfast:  Jim's Dock Restaurant
Tuesday Breakfast is in Wakefield.  Parking is not that bad the packed clam shells are easier to maneuver on then loose sand.
Breakfast is at 8:00 AM. Get there early to enjoy the view.

Club FaceBook :
 Pete will now monitor it. FaceBook sign in is required. If you like facebook you should use ours.

Club Calendar :
Club and Member posting of local events. Yes! you can post to.
For current  information and Monthly events,  Use the Event Page  First

Club Store

 Orange t-shirt and a white baseball cap (Rally logo not shown) combination. Pre-order early so you can get the size and style you want. See Classifieds for pictures.
   Rally shirts link

Club Rally

Our rally is only 6 weeks away. It's hard to believe, but its true! The inquiries have been very slow this year, however I hope they pick up soon. Usually it picks up late, as you know.I would like members to make donations of door prizes if  at all possible. Saturday night around the camp fire when we have the drawing is always the big event so lets make it great. I am also in the process of making new signs and will be reaching out for volunteers as always. Any questions you know how to reach me.

Carl S.