Newsletter of The Ocean State BMW Riders        Volume 17, Issue 2
BMWMOA Chapter #240  1993  -  2017               BMWRA  Chapter #201

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P.O. Box 7604
Warwick, RI 02887


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Next Meeting

February 20, 2017

 7:00 PM
Richards Pub
3347 S. County Trail
E. Greenwich, RI

 Tuesday Breakfast
9:00 AM

Miss Cranston Diner & Grill
35 Quaker Ln,
West Warwick


Bill Kenney

200,000 mile award
February 11, 2017

Club Events

February 20:
This OSBMWR Meeting is on a Monday. We moved because Richards had a previous commitment.   We will get a  Providence Shelter night report,  Club dues will go to $25 after the meeting,  You can join for $20 at the meeting or on line PayPal.  That is it!  Our mileage contest is in a go - nogo status due to a general lack of interest/ understanding how it works.   Award night meeting is coming up.  

OSBMWR Breakfast:  Miss Cranston Diner & Grill
Tuesday Breakfast was attended by 18 members.  Everyone seemed to enjoy this restaurant. Our waitress recognized us from our past Breakfasts at the Middle of Nowhere restaurant where she worked in the past. So thing ran smoothly.  If you have the time , join us for a fun breakfast.
Club FaceBook :
 Pete has left the building.  FaceBook sign in is required. If you like facebook you should use ours. Roy is back in action on facebook. Join him in a friendly conversation.

Club Calendar :
Club and Member posting of local events. Yes! you can post to.
For current  information and Monthly events,  Use the Event Page  First

Club Store

 The new design is almost ready to go for the 2017 riding season. We are going with our retro racer and the club name with the BMW roundel thrown in for good measure. See Classifieds for complete story.