Newsletter of The Ocean State BMW Riders        Volume 17, Issue 6
BMWMOA Chapter #240  1993  -  2017               BMWRA  Chapter #201

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Next Meeting

June 12
, 2017

 7:00 PM
Richards Pub
3347 S. County Trail
E. Greenwich, RI

 Tuesday Breakfast
8:00 AM

Brick Oven
 209 Main St
Ashaway, Rhode Island

Precision Riding Demonstration!
She made it look easy.

Club Events

June 12, 2017:
This OSBMWR Meeting marks the middle of our riding season.  The Rally season has started we have stories about Americade and Catfish's Ride to Sandwich Museum and Gardens in Sandwich MA.  Be there to find out what is happening in this month.   We will try to talk Jeff into talking about his 7,000 mile ride in May.  He is our high mileage rider and that trip is one reason for it. Join us for an enjoyable evening.

OSBMWR Breakfast:  Brick Oven
Tuesday Breakfast is new place. Take a nice morning ride  to join us at 8:00 AM.  We have a great opportunity this Tuesday to take a nice long ride.

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  FaceBook sign in is required. If you like facebook you should use ours. Roy is back in action on facebook. Join him in a friendly conversation.

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Club Store

The new t-shirts are in and Iím happy with the results. The colors are very close to the sample images so that was good, and the quality is great too (and for the cotton tís a more vintage look and feel). Of the ten color options available eight were chosen so there will be a good assortment of colors to see at the meeting. I did order some extra shirts in various colors and sizes so if you didnít pre-order you can shop at the meeting.

I am also looking into a new reflective sticker (Roy Jackson had asked me about this option in April) with the existing ďofficial" club logo on it. If all goes as planned the new stickers will be available at the June 12th meeting, and they will cost members about $2.25 to $2.50 each. They will be printed in full color on a white 3M 610 Series reflective material. Nice quality.