Newsletter of The Ocean State BMW Riders        Volume 16, Issue 6
BMWMOA Chapter #240  1993  -  2016                 BMWRA  Chapter #201

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Next Meeting

June 13, 2016
 7:00 PM
Richards Pub
3347 S. County Trail
E. Greenwich, RI

 Tuesday Breakfast
8:00 AM

 Phil's Restaurant
323 Main Street
Wakefield, RI


Twisted Throttle Open House
Vintage Bike Show

Club Events

June 13, 2016:
This OSBMWR Meeting is a place to make new friendships.  It's the start of our riding season. Join us to find out what is happening and how we can make your riding season better.   Check out Rally Information for future Rallies. See Classifieds for used bikes (3).

Americade  June 5-9
living room. All the three bedroom cabins were taken for the entire week. Please have anyone interested get in touch with me at H; 401-849-3391 or
OSBMWR Breakfast:  Phil's Restaurant
Tuesday Breakfast up on the roof, a nice location   Breakfast is at 8:00 AM. They also have an early bird special. It's a good place to get your summer riding in.

Club FaceBook :
 Pete will now monitor it. FaceBook sign in is required. If you like facebook you should use ours.

Club Calendar :
Club and Member posting of local events. Yes! you can post to.
For current  information and Monthly events,  Use the Event Page  First

Club Store

Well here we are...Spring 2016 and the Club store is just chuck full of AWESOME bargains. I'll have all open inventory with me at Monday night's meeting.

One thing you may want to have in your bag to start the riding season is a compact and very useful tire repair kit. The whole kit comes in a clear tube and includes everything you need to do a quick tire repair on the wheel.
Click here for all the details: heavy-duty-tire-repair-kit

At $10 it's a steal.